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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 1, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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alaska.. a right now at 5:00, the shaking continues in alaska as crews work feverishly to get roads open. we'll have an update on the situation following that major earthquake. plus remembering 41, tributes pouring in from both parties for george h.w. bush. tonight a look at his bay area visit when he was president. it came in the aftermath of tragedy. but first tracking the last of one storm and when the next one hits. good evening. i'm anoushah rasta. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. complete coverage on george h.w. bush's death in just a minute. >> but first we want to check with vianey who is tracking the end of the rainy saturday. >> that is right. we started off with some pretty good downpours in the morning. this is all of that. a look at downtown san jos
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christmas in the park. i hope these folks are bundled up because all that is left behind is the cool temperatures and breezy conditions are expected to remain into the overnight. satellite radar right now may be nice and calm but we're tracking more incoming rain toward the workweek. i'll break that down plus the 24-hour rainfall totals in a bit. >> thank you. now to our other top story. reaction from around the world after the death of former president george h.w. bush. the 41st president died late last night in houston. he was 94 years old. mr. bush will lie in state at the capitol from monday until wednesday. we've also learned that president trump will attend his funeral. nbc's continues our coverage. >> reporter: across the country flags are flying at half-staff in honor of president george h.w. bush, in kennebunkport, maine, the loss is painful. the 41st president spent much of his life here growing up and
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returned to the family compound every summer. >> the most amazing people you could imagine, that is why there is such a sense. >> reporter: he impacted many lives in his hit years and political foes became fast friends like bill clinton who tweeted upon hearing the news of bush's death, i'm grateful for every minute i spent with him and will all hold our friendship as one of my life's greatest gifts. in a statement former president barack obama wrote, america has lost a patriot and humble serve about in george herbert walker bush. while our hearts are heavy today, they are also filled with gratitude. traveling in argentina, presidt tru said he condolences >> he was a very fine man. his family. numerous occasions, one thing that came through loud and clear, he was very proud of his family and very much loved his family. so he was a terrific guy and he'll be missed. >> reporter: in the same setting
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angela merkel added that bush is considered one of the fathers of german reunification for all his work do end the cold war. for the nation's 43rd president, the 41st president was first and foremost dad. on twitter he called him the best dad a son or daughter could ask for. the bushes, a family and political dynasty mourning the loss of their patriarch comforted by those around the world who share the grief. chris pallone, nbc bay area news. and then president bush came to the bay area after the 1989 earthquake with moral support and federal assistance. christ christie smith joins us live after speaking wt. christie? >> reporter: that is right. the former mayor of san francisco said it was the president here in san francisco that he will not forget. he said he wanted real in-depth information about how people were being act-- act affected b
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the earthquake. >> he walked around the marina. >> reporter: former mayor art agnu was here with the earthquake struck. fires drew international attention. president george h.w. bush came to see the damage and hear what was needed. >> he wanted to know the specifics, the details and was genuinely interested. he just didn't want highlights. >> reporter: the 41st president died at his home in houston friday. adno said he won't forget bush senior's time in san francisco as the city tried to recover. >> he was in the bluest city of the blue estate in the nation.w overwhelmingly supported his opponent mike dukakis for anything because he cared about doing something for the people who were so badly affected by
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this damage. he keeps a group picture from the day. he was explaining what the city needed. >> and there is nancy pelosi. and then willie brown was the speaker. >> reporter: he said the city did benefit from the immediate federal response to the disaster. and today agnus offered his condolences. >> in thanking the family for the service that their father gave us and supporting everything we can do to honor his memory. >> reporter: now it wasn't the only time that president bush came to the bay area. but the former mayor said it was time they met in person. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thaou for that report. heavy hearts in houston today where former president bush lived. the community there in mourning. people left flowers and they took pictures outside of the family home. and how cool is this? check this out. president bush was a life-long baseball fan but did you know he played in the first ever college
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baseball national championship against cal? >> good reveal. >> bush played first base for yale back in kalamazoo, michigan, june 1947. it was a tight game but cal beat yale 8-7 and won that championship. mr. bush kept his mit from that game in his desk drawer at his office more than 40 years later. and he was a world war ii naval pilot and cia and pioneer. we'll provide complete coverage to the tributes and on our website we've posted a retrospective of his life. take a look, it is right there on the home page now to how alaska is doing tonight. an amazing story from up there. after a magnitude 7 earthquake. that shook the area just yesterday morning. they're already getting back to normal. ras plater is following the latest development and she joins
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us live from the newsroom. this is remarkable. >> reporter: it is indeed. and although tonight they are still dealing with aftershocks, hundreds of them, more than 230 reported since yesterday and seismologists say there are likely more to come. the quake struck at 8:30 yesterday morning and one of the most violent earthquakes to hit anchorage since 1964. most of the damage has been to highways and the road crews were working on repairs. authorities say water and power are also slowly coming back to parts of the city. and they credit the quick response to planning and preparation. >> folks in anchorage and throughout alaska should have some confidence that we had a system in place for this level of emergency and the system is working. >> reporter: there is a reason for all of that preparation. the state averages some 40,000 quakes a year. that is more than all of the other 49 states combined. probably, though, most amazing thing they've learned as they assess the damage, no deaths or serious injuries reported.
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roz plater, nbc bay area news. >> that isunbelievable. thank you. a follow-up to the search for those missing in the campfire. today the list of people unaccounted for has dwindled to 49. last weekend there were nearly 300 people missing and the death toll remains at 88. you would find the iconic sunset magazine may soon be facing its own sunset. the l.a. times is reporting that five top editors including the editor in chief recently quit. the article said freelance writers have not been paid for months and the magazine holiday issue is being put out a month late. partly because of the l advertising. now sunset magazine based in oakland and founded 120 years ago. now just a year ago publication was sold to regent, a small beverly hills firm for about $12 million. back to our weather coverage now. we have some new video to show you. check this out. this is a tree in marin county that came crashing down this morning. it blocked the road, brought
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down some power lines with it. this is at castro street in forest knolls. thankfully no one was hurt. crews had their hands full. not only did they have to remove the tree, they have to restore phone and cable service before they open the roads. and in the south bay, slick roads led to trouble there. the three-car crash, that is one of them. on southbound 87 in san jose at around 1:00 today. the chp said one of the cars smashed up against the concrete barrier, one person was hurt but we're told the injuries are not serious. the wait for the big game ended this afternoon. cal and stanford fans finally got to see the teams play after smons game a couple weeks ago and today not smoked, but the problem was rain. not that much of a problem. but a little rain out there. it was scheduled for a couple of weeks ago. air quality was so bad it was too dangerous for the teams to be playing in so the game was
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moved forward. that smoke coming from the fire in butte countries. this is only the second time in history, that is a long history, the big game was postponed leaving fans with pent-up excitement. >> i kind of excited it got canceled because i was able to make it here and we were in bali so we flew to be here, go bears. >> they came from bali? >> too much to the game. who won the big game. >> that is a good one. good job, terry. >> we'll have the highlights at 6:00 on that game. and the last of the rain moved out. they did catch a couple of showers during the game but we're catching the last of the sunset. i'm tracking now what is going to be i very cold overnight. where it is the frostiest, i'll have the details coming up. >> that is a gorgeous sunset. plus keeping a south bay community safe, the event aiming to take guns off the street. and from california senator to commander-in-chief, maybe.
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kamala harris tells us it won't be long before she announces if she is running for president and we'll tell you when we could have that answer. the san jose p
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department hosted a gun buyback taking guns off the streets. the san jose police department hosted a gun buyback. people were able to anonymously drop off any guns or weapons and they got cash, no questions
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asked. >> what we are going to do is rub the serial numbers in the guns in case they've been taken in burglars and get to their rightful owners. >> they were buying the guns back between $100 and $200 depending on the model and the officers say it is a success and they hold the event every other year. hundreds of people gathered in san francisco to mark the 25th anniversary of world aids day. survivors along with family and friends of the victims of aids gathered at the national aide memorial. the ceremony began with a thundering performance by the san francisco gay men's choir chorus. speakers shared tributes and expressed hope for the future. organizers say san francisco is the closest city in the world to getting to zero new infections. >> now more than ever, it is important for us to redouble all of our efforts around the epidemic. in san francisco we've seen amazing successes in the last
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25, 30 years around understanding the epidemic and bringing it under control but it is not happening around the world or for our population in the city. >> the ceremony included the reading of new names added to the memorial grove this year. $50,000 in scholarships were awarded to the next generation of leaders in the aids movement. more than 600 women gathered at the know your value conference in san francisco today. senator kamala harris joined host and msnbc anchor mika brzezinski to talk about how women can negotiate fair pay and grow their careers. three bay area women were selected as finalists to deliver a to compete for $25,000. you got one minute and it is $25,000. vicky nguyen was the coach. the program is sponsored by nbc parent company that is comcast. and at the conference, notable comments from senator harris, she said she'll know in
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a few weeks whether she'll run for pde in 2020. she ksaid, quote, it will be a family decision and over the holiday i'll make that decision with my family. still ahead, all of the rain benefiting the ski resorts in a big way. taking you to the sierra and give you a look at all of that new snow.
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more. starting today they raised the price of alcoholic drinks by a $1, it is $8 for craft. >> 12 ounces or 16? >> let me get on the phone with delta and ask them. wine liquor and specialty cocktails go up to $9. southwest and american airlines made the same increase earlier this year. let's return to the weather coverage. beautiful pictures for you. new video out of the sierra. they're grooming. >> there they go. >> they are grooming and they are grooving. that is the view at squaw valley alpine meadows in the past 72 hours the resort has received more than two feet of snow. >> it is feeling a lot like christmas. >> we had sam brock up there yesterday talking about everybody is just so happy because you could ski and the restaurants and all of the stores. >> take the kiddos. so much fun. >> they are happy if they are there enjoying the warm fireplace and the cabin because that drive was brutal.
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especially if you went up there either wednesday or thursday, that was the most brutal drive. and now expecting snow showers overnight and into tomorrow with the chance of seeing gusty conditions so if you do plan on driving up to the sierra, check the roads. always better be safe than sorry. san francisco breezy. 12 miles per hour. look at the beautiful sunset at 54 degrees. this is a nice shot of christmas in the park. thankfully these folks are dry but probably cold because the temperatures overnight behind that cold front that swept through are expected to dip and it is going to get chilly around here. atellite radar r wind speeds and looks like, we still have an active pacific but if i zoom in who worked extremely well within these past couple of storms that we saw, you could see the red scan showing th rain well off t. that cold front -- two cold fronts have swept in. a good amount of rainfall with periods of moderate to heavy
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rain through the early morning hours into mid morning. so let's talk about the unofficial 24 hour rain totals. we saw the heavier rain through santa rosa, nearly an inch in napa, below half an inch and hayward over a quarter and at the san francisco airport almost a tenth of an inch. san jose airport came in higher than san francisco, just over a tenth of an inch. not a huge rain-maker, not as big as we saw on thursday morning but still enough to definitely keep us on the roads. and the big concern tonight is the wind chill. because look at the wind gusts. expected to remain in the 30s for santa rosa through tonight and into tomorrow morning. if i take you all the way through sunday morning, you could see we stay fairly breezy and then finally by tomorrow we should calm down for the winds and we should dry out. so let's talk about the overnight lows because again behind that cold front we get a cold air mass and that is what dips our temperatures down into some 30s. check out santa rosa. 33 degrees. fremont 39. so this might b
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plants. i know my dad gets out and protects the trees or anything that could freeze, just like squaw week, lake tahoe. and rain totals, over an inch tonight and over the next seven days we could see another chance of rain. we're not in the clear just yet. reel -- we'll see rain return on wednesday and then a disorganized system coming into play that could affect our next weekend plans. so welcome to the rainy season. >> any chance it will get organized by then? >> maybe. the models are still a little unpredictable with next weekend's storm. >> okay. >> if anyone willd,etherself. models for you. >> vianey, thank you. >> i'll keep an eye on the come, getting -- its a chance to give back. now a popular bay area team found their own a s ury that wiu bay area proud. ng
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tuesday ... a day when, after black friday and cyber monday... earlier this week was giving tuesday. a day when after black friday and cyber monday people are urged to donate to their favorite charity or organizations. >> our next story is about an organization that came up with the unique way to give. our own garvin thomas shows how the san jose earthquake chose t. >> reporter: we are in the middle of the mls playoffs right now. but sadly the earthquakes are notn that doesn't mean, however, that they haven't found a way to be a winning team. sharing is a big part of the
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game of soccer. with just one ball and so many players, success is all about working together. but what if you had one ball for every player? for every member of the organization. well then you could have success of a much different kind. the kind dreams up by the earthquake director of community relations melissa silver. >> we are a soccer team to give back with health and wellness but what is the thing that we're with here every day is a soccer ball. >> reporter: so she gave one soccer ball to the member of the earthquake's organization from the ceo to others and let them to you. not any soccer ball. the the specifically designed for those constantly balls is not practical or too
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pricey. >> and i thought it would be special to see who they chose and why and follow where the soccer balls ended up but how they came to choose that beneficiary. >> reporter: some have gone away to mozambique and south africa and others to every teachers at a san francisco elementary school and one to a homeless shelter in san jose. that was the choice of earthquake youth academy players, manola joaquin and justin collins. >> we could have fun with this. give so many opportunity to li, be a kid. >> in all, some 400 soccer balls are making their way toworld, r to score goals. in more ways than one. t ask marissa who she was donating her ball to. she said it is still in the trunk of her car, she's waiting to find the right person and on the spur of the moment she'll make her donation. garvin thomas, nbc bay area
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news. if you see her driving around -- flag her down and say, hey, what do you have in the trunk? >> i'll take the soccer ball. >> we'll be right back. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best tecog like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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finally tonight, a winter wonderland on the water. >> wow! >> a tradition is underway in santa cruz, the lighted boat parade. they pass through the harbor decked out in gorgeous christmas lights. this is video from the past festival. it has only gotten more popular in the 33 years. >> listen to the christmas music. >> are you going to start dancing? >> maybe. >> she's on the verge and it is 5:30 and you have two hours to get down there and see the boats floating on by. >> bundle up, it is a cold night. >> excellent point. poor weather. 6:00, hope to see you then.
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tonight, the death of a president. and a nation mourns as we remember george h.w. bush, the 41st president of the united states. >> so help me god. >> the man who presided over the end of the cold war. who led a triumphant effort in another war. >> aggression is defeated. the war is over. >> a member of the greatest generation, who devoted his life to public service. navy pilot, congressman, diplomat, vice president and setting an example with his love of country, his devotion to family. >> i love you, precious, with all my heart.meanmy life. character, decency, modesty and integrity.


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